March 19, 2019

How We Can Help

Zero First Can Work For Many Business Types

Zero First understands the needs of our clients, whether you are a small to mid-size business, public entity, or existing business that now wants to accept credit cards as a form of payment. Many of our clients have accepted Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for years but didn’t realize the excess fees they were paying until switching to Zero First. The credit card business has many hidden costs — and in many cases, the very low processing “base rate” becomes a much higher “effective rate” when the other additional fees and charges are taken into consideration. Remove all of your merchant service fees while passing on a cash discount to your customers in order that your business can continue to provide your valuable product/service at competitive pricing.


Owning a restaurant or food business is difficult with shrinking margins, increased labor costs and every dollar is meaningful to your profitability. Whether you own a diner, QSR, delivery service business, food truck, ice cream stuck or run the local go-to restaurant, Zero First is your solution.

Our management team has been in the payments space for nearly 20 years and the revolutionary concept of Zero First to provide a new cash discount program will increase your bottom line significantly.

Our team will run a Cost Comparison and highlight the financial savings by switching to the Zero First program vs. employing your traditional credit card processing program.

Having worked with many restaurants, it is important that your wait staff properly explain this new payments program and we know that your patrons will keep on coming back to enjoy the food and service that they have come to enjoy over the years frequently your establishment.

Personal Services

Credit card acceptance has become much more wide used in the personal services area – whether your business is a Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Dry Cleaners, Spa/Massage, Auto Repair Shops, Pet Grooming, Daycare Centers, Zero First has worked with all these industries in setting up a Zero First Cash Discount program.

The world of personal service and care is constantly changing and Zero First understands establishing our payment programs that work with your business type and within your competitive marketplace. Start saving those on your credit card fees. In our consumer focus groups, 98% of consumers stated they would NOT stop frequently the above merchants for this nominal cash service fee. They trust and level of service developed over the years was more important than this fee – and furthermore, consumers understand that business owners must cover these fees in order to provide the quality service customers have come to expect.

Professional Services

Your CPA, your doctor, your lawyer – just a few of the many professional services providers that maintain your financial health and your personal and professional affairs.

Whether your co-pay for $20.00 or your legal bill or accounting bill for $2,000, businesses are now providing a Cash Discount for these bills. As a customer, you still have the opportunity to pay via check and/or ACH and pay the stated amount. However, more and more customers nationally are now preferring to pay via credit card to earn those valuable miles and points on their preferred affinity card.

Zero First will help establish your new merchant services program and help drive greater profitability to your business.